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Kenneth & Angelina Williams are the proud Founders of the Married Plus Winning Brand.  The brand was founded in 2016. Our vision has been to inspire couples empowerment around the world. We believe in being the change you want to see. Marriage is a beautiful thing. After we tied the knot September 10, 2011 we noticed we live in a social media world that loves to highlight BIG moments. The relationship goals hashtag, shiny rings, "bae-cations", and elegant weddings are constantly promoted. However in reality, life isn't just about  picture perfect moments for the world to witness. Why not normalize that being okay. We believe the key is to take a breath and realize your marriage is winning the second you decide as a couple to take steps to enrich it what you have.

Our brand encourages couples to have fun, be intentional, break barriers, and aim for success TOGETHER. 

Let Us Be Great!!


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